Can You Find The Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics?

Looking for some persuasive speech topics that would impress your teacher and class audience? Don’t you worry about that because we will help you. As long as you are in the right place and at the right time, the only thing you should do is to keep on reading. We have collected the most striking persuasive speech topics for you and divided them into groups for your convenience. However, before you select the topic you like, we recommend you to consider the following tips.

What is a persuasive speech?

Note that persuasive speech is the one that targets at motivating, persuading, and interesting the audience. In other words, when the members of your audience listen to it, it should evoke certain emotions in them and motivate them to do certain things. Therefore, the process of preparation for the persuasive speech should be very accurate and scrutinized. Before you prepare for the speech, we recommend finding the best topic for your persuasive speech that you think is the most outstanding.

How to select the best topic for your persuasive speech?

  • Familiarity. First and foremost, the topic you choose should be the one you feel the most familiar with. You should know very well what you are writing about.
  • Interest. It goes without saying that if you are not interested in the topic yourself, no one else will be interested in listening to your speech. So, you will have to grab the topic you find to be the most exciting and impressive, at least, for you.
  • The interest of other people. Your audience must be interested in your persuasive speech topic as well. Try to figure out what your groupmates are talking the most about and what they find to be interesting, and use it as the topic for your speech.
  • Emotions. No doubt, the topic you select should be emotional. Therefore, try to choose the one that evokes certain emotions in you or your groupmates.
  • Alternative angle. Try to choose the topic you feel you can review from an alternative perspective. So, you will have to produce a unique and original way of treating the odd problem.

Best persuasive speech topics


  1. Are the Pitbulls considered to be a vicious breed?
  2. Must more of pets be adopted rather than bought from some breeder?
  3. Must a dog that bit somebody be killed?
  4. Must battery farming still be made legal?
  5. Must we tame wild animals like sharks and lions?
  6. Must ‘factory farming’ be prohibited?
  7. How do the puppy mills influence us?
  8. Adopting pets is the most appropriate choice.
  9. Why should cats make the ideal pet?
  10. What are the benefits of having pets?

Arts and Culture

  1. Must all the students be asked to learn an instrument at school?
  2. Must music and art therapy be covered with modern health insurance?
  3. Must all the national museums be made free to citizens?
  4. Must offensive language be banned and even removed from works of the classic literature?
  5. Must graffiti be considered to be the work of art?
  6. Are paper books better than e-books?


  1. The acting on your rage must not be a thing.
  2. Playing it according to the rules is rather boring and only for losers.
  3. Having the cupcake in either hand is an ideal example of a balanced diet.
  4. Being honest with the parents might get you in trouble.
  5. Growing up is a kind of option.
  6. Girls are as intelligent as boys.
  7. There isn’t such a notion as love at first sight.
  8. Life is a test without preparation & retakes.
  9. Pick-up lines might come in handy sometimes.
  10. How to procrastinate if you want to avoid work?
  11. Christmas is a kind of the pagan holiday, not the Christian’s one.
  12. Why do some men consider women to be not funny?
  13. Do vegetarians do love and adore animals?
  14. College parking must be added to the tuition fee.
  15. How might you motivate someone to cease to be annoying?


  1. Must employees get bonuses for biking or walking to work?
  2. Must all interns be paid for the work they do?
  3. Would Brexit help or hurt the UK’s economy?
  4. Must the federal minimum wages become boosted?
  5. Must all the people who are over the age of 65 be possible to ride the buses for free?
  6. Must Black Friday sales not be forbidden to begin on Thanksgiving?
  7. Must tipping in the restaurants be obligatory?


  1. Drivers must have to take three courses before they get a license.
  2. Must the publicity first study the way to drive the manual transmissions before they obtain their license?
  3. Must young children utilize booster seats in their vehicles?
  4. Must the driving age be over 14?
  5. Hands-free cell phones utilize in cars must be promoted.
  6. The danger of driving and texting.
  7. Why must the police not chase a vehicle?
  8. Watch out for the animals when you drive a car.
  9. Why must you buy a Japanese vehicle?
  10. Driving tests must be free.
  11. Why are sports vehicles so dangerous?
  12. How to share the road with bikes?

Society and current problems

  1. Why must we get rid of the daylight savings time?
  2. Alternatives to animal testing that will not cross the ethical boundaries.
  3. Must there be much more restrictions on plastic surgery?
  4. The benefits of the bike-sharing programs in the big cities.
  5. The complications of utilizing the surrogate to have your baby.
  6. Is the veganism classist?
  7. The current reality of reaching total peace on the whole planet Earth.
  8. Would the current younger generations ever be possible to retire like the parents & grandparents?
  9. Why do some people might think that landing on the moon in 1969 has been fake?
  10. The effect of luck on the individual’s success.
  11. How are organizations or people in 2020 still getting away with racial profiling?
  12. The value of an accurate first impression.
  13. 13.The correlation between the lower-income communities & the fast-food restaurants.
  14. Electric vehicles must be more affordable.
  15. Why animal breeding must be banned
  16. Single parents must be allowed to adopt kids.
  17. Potential solutions must help eliminate homelessness.
  18. Is there a real middle class in the USA?
  19. Why should marriage not or should be an outdated institution in modern society?
  20. Why are some people against same-sex marriage?
  21. The pros & cons of the fostering of the care system.
  22. Why is it so necessary to donate blood?
  23. Artificial intelligence & its effect on the job economy and force in the nearest future.


  1. Must all schools suppose students to wear uniforms?
  2. Must students who bully other people be expelled?
  3. Must boys & girls’ study in separate classrooms?
  4. Must all the elementary schools be supposed to teach the foreign language?
  5. Must students not forbid to listen to music during the study hall?
  6. Must schools include meditation and relaxation breaks during the whole study day?
  7. Must teachers get the bonus when the students score correctly on the standardized tests?
  8. Must grade in the gym class impact students’ GPAs?
  9. Must kids of undocumented immigrants not forbid to attend public schools?
  10. Must students not be forbidden to have cell phones with them during the day in school?
  11. Must students be paid for getting a certain GPA?
  12. Must high school pupils not be forbidden to leave school during the lunch breaks?
  13. Must high school pupils be supposed to volunteer the specific number of hours before they will graduate?
  14. Must Greek life at the colleges be prohibited?
  15. What are the most appropriate ways for the schools to stop bullying?
  16. Must schools still teach cursive handwriting?


  1. Advertising standards must be higher.
  2. Advertising features tons of mind games.
  3. The necessity of the understanding of niche marketing.
  4. Owning the business means that you will lose the friends you have.
  5. Why introverts must make good leaders.
  6. The business will make you be a hard candy.
  7. Just because someone is aware of you, it does not mean that you owe them some discounts.
  8. You must never go into business with your family members.
  9. The business must have a personality.
  10. To be the business owner, you should learn to be well-organized.

Humanities, English & History

  1. Has Galileo been a heretic?
  2. Teaching evolution versus creationism in elementary schools.
  3. Jane Austen & early Victorian feminist’s works of literature.
  4. Who has been the initial real feminist?
  5. Can you be wealthy and not get consumed by power?
  6. What has the valid American Civil War reason been?
  7. How intelligent were the people in ancient Egypt?
  8. The role of females in ancient cultures.
  9. Is food addiction an actual problem?
  10. Is creating something that you seem to be born with, or it’s a particular skill that people learn through a lifetime?
  11. The conspiracy theories concerning Shakespeare’s work.
  12. How kids can benefit from the reading of the Harry Potter series.
  13. The Macbeth’s curse. 


  1. Must people with more than 1 DUI lose the driver’s license?
  2. Must prostitution be made legal?
  3. Must people be asked to shovel the snow from some of the sidewalks being in front of the house they live in?
  4. Must guns not be abandoned on the college campuses?
  5. Must minors be possible to drink some alcohol in the home they live if they might have the consent of their parents?
  6. Must flag burning as the form of the protest be made illegal?
  7. Must white supremacist groups not be prohibited from holding the rallies in public places?
  8. Must welfare recipients be supposed to pass the drug test?
  9. Must assault weapons be made illegal?
  10. Must beauty pageants for kids be forbidden?
  11. Must the death penalty seem to be prohibited?
  12. Is it normal to refuse from serving same-sex couples being grounded on your religious beliefs?
  13. Is it much better to exist and live together before the marriage, or is it better to wait?
  14. Must transgender people not be prohibited from serving in the military forces?
  15. Must affirmative action not be forbidden?
  16. Must Columbus Day be removed or replaced with the Indigenous Peoples’ Day?
  17. Must prisoners be not forbidden to vote?

Constitutional issues

  1. Must flag burning as the form of the protest be abandoned?
  2. Do you think it will be much fair for our government to commit detaining the suspected terrorists with no fair trial?
  3. Must every day start with the silent prayer in schools?
  4. Prayer at schools must not be obligatory.
  5. Why must alcohol be made illegal?

University and college studies

  1. The use of contemporary technology & the Internet in elementary classrooms.
  2. The value of the online classes in university/college.
  3. Must every student be supposed to learn the way to play the instrument at school?
  4. There must be more life skills classes to be taught in high schools.
  5. The advantages of volunteer work for university/college students.
  6. How might elementary & high schools master the way they can handle bullying?
  7. Practical methods for students to save some money.
  8. Must sororities & fraternities still be allowed at university/college?
  9. Is it right to tell the students to follow the academic studies that they might enjoy instead of the ones that have the more promising career’s ways?
  10. Does homeschooling work?
  11. Every kid must learn the way to cook from a very young age.
  12. Physical education at school must teach more practical sports like swimming.

Controversial topics

  1. Did we lose the ways and the art of listening?
  2. Might money buy happiness?
  3. Does kindness make the whole world a better place to live in?
  4. What is more necessary: hard work or talent?
  5. Must people keep the complaints to themselves?
  6. When must you compromise?
  7. Violent video games might create aggressive teenagers.
  8. Might society be moral with no religion?
  9. May we trust the government much more?
  10. Medical experiments must not be done on animals.
  11. Must the world leaders place the morality above all else?
  12. It is not ethical to date with your coworker.
  13. Child pornography laws must be improved & made much stricter.
  14. Women to be getting paid less seems to be justified.
  15. The Kardashians seem to be more influential if compared to the president.


  1. Must hiding and lying concerning the HIV status with somebody you might sleep with be made illegal?
  2. Must minors be able to buy birth control with no parent’s consent?
  3. Must the assisted suicide be made legal?
  4. Must governments impose more taxes on soda & other sugary drinks & utilize the revenue for public health?
  5. Must the USA switch to the single-payer system in health care?
  6. Must high schools give free condoms to the students?
  7. Must healthy people be supposed to regularly donate their blood?


  1. Must only the native plants be grown in the gardens?
  2. Must there be stricter laws for the protection of endangered species?
  3. More people must carpool or utilize public transportation.
  4. How does pollution negatively affect humanity?
  5. Should the U.S. A. limit the usage of natural resources?
  6. We must use algae to make the oil instead of drilling.
  7. We must keep the community clean.
  8. Why must we not use disposable diapers?
  9. Why must the hydraulic fracturing be banned?
  10. Hybrid cars are proper for the environment.

Media & Advertising

  1. Female stereotypes in Disney movies.
  2. Why is it necessary to support the local businesses?
  3. The pros & cons of social media.
  4. Male stereotypes in comic books & superhero movies.
  5. Is there any censorship in modern television?
  6. Have the beauty standards in the mass media modified entirely within the previous decade?
  7. Bloggers must be held to similar ethical standards like trained journalists professionally.
  8. The role that music plays in the collective action & group activism.
  9. The supporting or watching the film’s ethics which feature the people who were convicted of the misconduct.
  10. Ownership & policing on today’s Internet.
  11. Music must be utilized more frequently in mental health therapies.
  12. How might social media have modified modern relationships?
  13. The necessity of teaching digital literacy to kids & young teens.
  14. The Internet must be free for everybody.
  15. Is the network television still relevant within the streaming era?
  16. How can comic books teach kids literacy skills?
  17. How did the Star Wars’ Disney’s acquisition franchise modify the films?

Sports topics

  1. Men are competing against women.
  2. Are the gaming consoles & violent video games hurting modern youth?
  3. Athletes must be made to take the drug test often.
  4. Must Male & female athletes be paid similarly?
  5. Gender must not matter in sports.
  6. Must the marching band be treated as a sport?
  7. Must swimming be taught to each student at school?
  8. Parental pressure & its effect on athletic children.
  9. Cheerleading must not be considered a kind of sport.
  10. Must boxing be made not legal?
  11. People must not be mean about the opponent team.
  12. Fangirls do not know about anything concerning sports.
  13. Working out inside a home is not significant.
  14. Athletes must be careful with the way they spend their money on.
  15. Comparing Cristiano Ronaldo & Messi is ridiculous.