Selecting Topics For An Argumentative Paper

It is necessary to choose the right topic for your argumentative paper, right? Of course, you should try hard to pick up the best topic for you if you do not want your topic to be similar to your groupmates’ ones. Also, the topic should be appropriate to find the data about it online. Besides, the best topic must be the most debatable for both you and the reader. 

The main criteria to select the right topic

Check out these criteria before you choose the appropriate topic for your essay:

  • choose the most exciting topic. No way your argumentative essay topic should be boring;
  • you will have to be aware of the topic, at least a little so that you will be able to catch the reader’s attention at the very beginning of the essay and hook them;
  • the topic must be controversial. The more arguable the topic is, the better it is for the overall effect upon the reader;
  • the thesis statement should be catchy and arguable as well to grab the attention of the audience. 

College Argumentative Essay Topics:

  1. Are males paid more than females in our contemporary corporate sector?
  2. Is the modern taxation system efficient or not?
  3. Must Shakespeare still be learned as part of the modern college curriculum?
  4. Are the test scores the only possible way to judge the student’s competency?
  5. Is college studying becoming way too much expensive?
  6. Getting the College degree is not or is worth the price.
  7. Life is considered to be incomplete without faith and religion.
  8. Youngsters on social networks do not realize the remarkability of privacy on such online sites.
  9. Students today are facing much greater social pressures if compared to the past.
  10. What might be done about weapon control in the USA?
  11. Your past should not define you.
  12. Girls must not select STEM programs.
  13. Effects of the #metoo movement on modern relationships.
  14. Parenting must be gender-neutral. The roles must not be defined.
  15. The well-read person is not necessarily intelligent.
  16. Parents must be allowed to discipline their children physically.
  17. Beauty magazines must stop photoshopping the models.
  18. Denying treatment to the patient who cannot afford it is unethical.
  19. Capitalism versus socialism. What might benefit modern society more?
  20. Must south & North Korea become the one?

Controversial Topics:

  1. Is the death penalty considered to be efficient?
  2. Might global climate change influenced by humans?
  3. Is torture ever considered to be an acceptable one?
  4. Is the modern election process honest and fair?
  5. Must males get paternity leave from their work?
  6. Is the modern tax system a fair one?
  7. Are school uniforms considered to be beneficial?
  8. Do the curfews keep the teenagers out of trouble?
  9. Do we depend too much on computers?
  10. Is cheating not controlled?
  11. Must animals be utilized for investigation?
  12. Are cell phones considered to be dangerous?
  13. Must cigarette smoking be abandoned?
  14. Are the law enforcement cameras considered to be an invasion of privacy?
  15. Is a kid’s behavior better or even worse than it might have been years ago?
  16. Is modern society a throwaway?
  17. Must companies market to kids?
  18. Does access to condoms prevent teenagers’ pregnancy?
  19. Must the government feature a say in our modern diets?
  20. Must Congress members have the term limits?
  21. Are modern CEOs paid too much?
  22. Are professional athletes and actors paid too much?
  23. Must athletes be held to much higher moral standards?
  24. Must creationism be studied in public schools?
  25. Are violent video games causing behavior issues?
  26. Are the beauty pageants too exploitative?
  27. Must the racing industry be made use of biofuels?
  28. Must English be made the official language of the USA?
  29. Must the alcohol drinking age be boosted or decreased?
  30. Is it normal for the prisoners to vote?
  31. Must everyone be forced to recycle?
  32. Is it normal that same-sex couples are able to get married?
  33. Is boredom leading to problems?
  34. Are there advantages to attending a single-sex school?
  35. Must schools be placed in the session year-round?
  36. Must the government give health care?
  37. Is religion causing a war?
  38. Must abortion be made illegal?
  39. Is the homework harmful, or is it helpful?
  40. Are females too mean to one another?
  41. Is the price of college too high?
  42. Must euthanasia be made illegal?
  43. Is college admission too much competitive?
  44. Must the federal government make marijuana use legal nationally?
  45. Must schools require a foreign language or physical education?
  46. Must rich people be forced to pay more taxes?
  47. Is public prayer ordinary decent in schools?
  48. Is the affirmative action fair?
  49. Is greater weapon control a proper idea?
  50. Are teachers and schools responsible for the low-test scores?

Easy Topics:

  1. Why are the USA’s citizens rapidly getting more obese?
  2. Education must be free for every student.
  3. Internet access should be limited to all students.
  4. Each student is to have a right to select only those disciplines he or she is interested the most in.
  5. Young people are to have a right to select if it comes to the military.
  6. What are the main benefits the USA’s educational system offers to international students?
  7. Is education too commercialized today?
  8. Which of the secondary languages seem to be worth learning today?
  9. Are tests like SAT & ACT efficiently?
  10. Is new academic grading useful and helpful in the performance?
  11. Pros and cons of the MBA programs.

Policies and Law Topics:

  1. Must military participation be obligatory for all the citizens?
  2. Must the drinking age be reduced/boosted?
  3. Must all the Americans be forced to speak English fluently?
  4. Must teachers have a weapon?
  5. Must Americans be forced to speak Spanish?
  6. Must weapon control laws be much stricter?
  7. Must there be limits to free speech?
  8. Must the military age be eliminated/increased?
  9. Must marijuana be made legal?
  10. Are weapon control laws too strict?
  11. Must the internet be under censor?
  12. Must churches be the tax-free institutions?
  13. Must abortion be made legal?
  14. Must people of the same sex be made possible to marry one another?
  15. Must laws be based on religion?

High school Topics:

  1. Smartphones might assist in the learning process.
  2. Is homeschooling much better if compared to the public-school educational system?
  3. Is co-education more beneficial than single-sex education?
  4. Is fast food healthy, or is it a severe threat to one’s physical health?
  5. Are GMOs much safer for human consumption?
  6. Why do teenagers idolize celebrities?
  7. Must it be legal to get the tattoo for children younger than 18?
  8. Teenagers feel comfier talking on social media rather than tet a tet.
  9. Are the standardized tests advantageous for the school students?
  10. Should the education system bring up and prepare a student for the modern world?
  11. The negative high school experience is necessary when it comes to personality.
  12. Is there a life after death?
  13. Subjects that must be removed from the current high school program.
  14. Our society is working on gender equality.
  15. Is hate crime boosting in high school?
  16. Children must not be provided with personal mobile phones.
  17. Must age be the essential factor in the relationships?
  18. Hard work is not enough to become successful.
  19. Mothers should make better parents natural.
  20. Politics might never be clean & fair.

Politics Topics:

  1. Must felons have the same right to vote?
  2. Must the voting age be reduced/boosted?
  3. Must the electoral college still be existing?
  4. Must all the politicians have the term limits?
  5. Must Puerto Rico become a real state?
  6. Must everyone have free healthcare?
  7. Must the United States of America build the wall between the U.S.A. & Mexico?
  8. Must social security be made private?
  9. Must the minimum wage be boosted?
  10. Must the usage of the penny be reduced?
  11. Must wealthier citizens pay much more taxes?
  12. Must every citizen be forced to vote?

Middle school Topics:

  1. Must students be allowed to assess and evaluate their teachers?
  2. What is the most suitable age for children to begin schooling?
  3. Metal music must be forbidden due to the violent lyrics it contains.
  4. Which genres of music assist students in learning?
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of virtually making friends?
  6. Might we conserve energy as the whole society?
  7. How close and connected is the reality TV to real life?
  8. Is playing violent video games contributing to making the person violent in their real lives too?
  9. Do females face more societal pressure than males?
  10. Must there be the cash rewards for getting a decent score on the standardized tests?
  11. What is the most massive and most prominent challenge that was faced by the students nowadays?
  12. The wealthy must pay more taxes rather than the poor.
  13. Teachers versus Parents: who is playing a much more significant role in the shaping of a kid?
  14. Cartoons are much better rather than movies.
  15. Cotton gin’s impacts on the economy.
  16. Chocolate might help master our bad mood.
  17. Do the dreams feature a symbolic meaning?
  18. Is it normal and ethical to eat the food that contains meat?
  19. The world must have a uniform language.
  20. Imposing the sugar tax might assist in fighting obesity.

Classical Topics:

  1. Must authorities punish for rainforests destructions?
  2. It must be banned to utilize species of the animals for investigation purposes & violent experiments.
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of globalization.
  4. To what extent are the electric cars a way out to global pollution?
  5. Was Roosevelt right concerning building the Panama Canal?
  6. The risks the United States of America might face in terms of the rapidly modifying climate conditions.
  7. Are you on the same side of King-Kong or the militaries that interrupted his world to learn it was utilizing harsh measures?
  8. Earthquakes & their repercussions.
  9. How might students add up to the great social movement for nature’s safety?
  10. Beautiful woods of Amazonia.
  11. Tsunami: the cause of the death wave.
  12. Which of the species must be included in the Red Book?

History Topics:

  1. Who is the most influential president of all the times?
  2. Is modern life much better now if compared to the one it was X years ago?
  3. Who is the most moral and ethical politician who has ever served?
  4. How might governments prevent the world from World War 3?
  5. Is globalization a regular thing?
  6. Is democracy the most appropriate form of government?
  7. Is the result of revolution a real change?
  8. Are teens now more intelligent if compared to the teens of the past generations?
  9. Must the U.S.A. get involved with the other countries’ wars?

Sports Topics:

  1. By participating in sports, might kids be kept out of trouble?
  2. Might video gamers be treated like real athletes?
  3. Must girls be allowed to participate in similar sports as the boys do?
  4. Do you think cheerleading is a kind of a sport?
  5. Must alternatives to the steroids be made legal for the professional athletes?
  6. Baseball is not as impressive as it has been before.
  7. Students athletes must get money for playing.
  8. Is your College spending a lot of money on sports programs?
  9. Betting on sports must be illegal.
  10. Are female athletes treated as a sexual object by the mass media?
  11. Sports events must not broadcast alcohol & tobacco advertisements.

Technology Topics:

  1. Is technology making people feel alone?
  2. Cruel video games must be banned.
  3. YouTube owners must fix and check the comments, which include obscene language.
  4. Technology & modern education.
  5. Would humanity reach a time when there won’t be any more technological advancement?
  6. Are the people getting to be technological zombies?
  7. Impacts of mobile phones: advantages and disadvantages.

Education Topics:

  1. Must students have to wear school uniforms?
  2. Must cursive writing be learned in schools?
  3. Must all the students have a free college studying?
  4. Must K–12 school selection be grounded on the place you live?
  5. Must teachers be paid much more?
  6. Must all the students be supposed to study abroad?
  7. Must high school begin times be later?
  8. Must year-round schooling be obligatory?
  9. Must everyone be forced to learn any foreign language?
  10. Is standardized testing ethical and fair?
  11. Must schools have obligatory metal detectors & security guards?
  12. Must students be supposed to take the year off before they start college?
  13. Must sex education be supposed for all the students?
  14. Must prayer be legalized in school?
  15. Are single-sex schools much more efficient?

Animals Topics:

  1. Aggressive dog breeds like pit bulls must not be allowed as an ordinary abandoned thing for fun & sports is not ethical & should get abandoned.
  2. Testing beauty products on animals is unjustifiable.
  3. Wearing fur & leather must not be unethical.
  4. Utilizing monkeys for investigation in labs is a necessary evil.
  5. Is the genetic modification of livestock advantageous?
  6. Owning pets eliminates the risk of getting diseases. What is your opinion?
  7. Animal dissection in medical school is a proper way to learn.
  8. Emotional support animals might truly assist people who are lonely.
  9. Stronger laws should be enforced for animal cruelty.
  10. Keeping exotic animals is not humane.

Social Media Topics:

  1. Are online friends more efficient than imaginary?
  2. The role of communications in social networks for contemporary education.
  3. Does the technology limit creativity?
  4. Do modern people rely too much on technology?
  5. Is the Internet’s censorship necessary?

Science Topics:

  1. Are nuclear guns helping to make the world a safer place?
  2. Must we invest in space travel?
  3. Are video games harmful?
  4. Does screen time feature an impact on a kid’s social behavior?
  5. Do video games lead kids to be violent?
  6. Must animals be utilized to test the new products?
  7. Is the cloning an ethical phenomenon?
  8. Does technology make our life easier?
  9. Has technology-assisted or hurt our society?
  10. Are online relationships legitimate?

Social Problems Topics:

  1. Is age the primary factor in relationship success & failure?
  2. Must male workers receive paternity leave as well?
  3. Are the tortures acceptable under any kind of circumstances?
  4. What must the punishments be for failed parenting?
  5. What are the leading causes of Down syndrome?
  6. The candidate’s appearance must not be considered in the job during the hiring process.
  7. Is boredom the leading cause of getting into some trouble?
  8. Cheating is boosting every day.
  9. Some central stereotypes in modern society.
  10. We are away too much dependent on computers & technology.

Health Topics:

  1. Must smoking be made illegal?
  2. How might we best fight against the pandemic of obesity?
  3. Must energy drinks be abandoned?
  4. Is technology making healthcare less or more personal?
  5. Are the diets beneficial?
  6. Must schools offer much healthier food choices?
  7. Must unhealthy foods & beverages be taxed at a much higher rate?
  8. Must doctor-assisted suicide exist?
  9. Must physical education be obligatory for everyone?

Climate Topics:

  1. Must every household have the trash limit?
  2. Must recycling be obligatory?
  3. Must people eat vegan to assist in saving the environment?
  4. Must there be some limits on water use?
  5. Must vehicles be outlawed in big cities?
  6. Must tax money be utilized to save the endangered species?
  7. Must plastic straws & bags be abandoned worldwide?
  8. Must solar & wind power be utilized more often if compared to other energies?